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You can’t use cell phones in schools, you can’t use iPods. Why can’t you get the message? They’re just not appropriate.

— Michael Bloomberg, EmFacts Consultancy, May 8, 2006

Mayor Bans Cell Phones in Schools

Here’s another Bloomberg ban that was so popular, plans to reverse it began as soon as he left office. His stubborn insistence on banning the use of cell phones in public schools mystified and angered New Yorkers, who were more convinced than ever that the mayor was out of touch with day-to-day concerns of parents and students. Even Bill de Blasio spoke out against the ban: "How on Earth are parents going to monitor" and "keep on top of their kids if their kids don't have cell phones?" he asked. He called Bloomberg out for ignoring “parent rights.”

2015 Reversal A Ringing Endorsement Of Failure

A Bad Idea That Nobody Wanted

A Bad Idea That Nobody Wanted

The Bloomberg-led cell phone ban was lifted on March 2, 2015.

Forced Upon Millions Of People

Forced Upon Millions Of People

1.1 million schoolchildren — and their parents — were affected by the ban.

A Modern Tool For Learning

A Modern Tool For Learning

The Education Department plans to help teachers incorporate cell phones into classroom instruction.


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The New Yorker  

Friday, December 13, 2013

Quiet Riot external link

Bloomberg Enforced A Ban On Cell Phones In Schools Leading To Parent Outrage "When New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg started enforcing a ban on cell phones in schools, in 2006, students weren't the only ones ...

New York Post  

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg’s new health crusade: too-loud earbuds external link

Mayor Bloomberg — who has already cracked down on smoking, junk food, trans fats, salt and super-sized drinks — is embarking on a new crusade: preventing New Yorkers from going deaf. The campaign, which will ...

NY Daily News  

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg insists on school cell phone bans while parents demand ban lift for communication external link

Parents are calling on Mayor Bloomberg to lift a ban on cell phones in city schools after he said Friday that mobile devices are the best tool for keeping tabs on kids. On his weekly ...

CBS News  

Friday, May 12, 2006

School Cell Phone Ban Causes Uproar external link

“Parents have written angry letters and e-mails, staged rallies and news conferences, and threatened to sue. Some City Council members are introducing legislation on their behalf.” "My mother, she needs me to have the cell ...

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