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They should be raising the tax and encouraging people to reduce consumption ... tax policy is the way government uses capitalism.

— Michael Bloomberg, June 20, 2008

“Let the Little People Pay Higher Gas Taxes”

That’s how the New York Post described Michael Bloomberg’s call for increased taxes on gasoline in 2008. In 2006, when federal and state lawmakers were proposing measures to lower prices at the pump, Bloomberg refused to reduce New York City’s tax on gas. "A small reduction in the tax is going to hurt this city,” he claimed at the time. Just two years later, Bloomberg still had no plans to reduce the gas tax, and instead, was looking to increase it. “Bloomberg’s a billionaire and has no idea what it’s like out here,” said Les Cox, one of the motorists the Post spoke to at a Harlem gas station. “Why would Bloomberg want us to use less gas? Is he still on his green kick?” asked Anthony LoBosco, who paid $71.11 to fill up a Jeep. “He should be finding ways to help people rather than telling us to use less.”

Bloomberg: Cutting Gas Taxes “Not Exactly A Terribly Smart Policy”

#2 In Gas Taxes

#2 In Gas Taxes

At 61.04¢ per gallon, New York City has the second-highest gas taxes in America. Source: American Petroleum Institute, January 2016

#3 In Gas Consumption

#3 In Gas Consumption

New York City ranks third in gasoline consumption, burning through 133,723,000 barrels a year.

$2.24 Per Gallon

$2.24 Per Gallon

Current price to fill up your gas tank in New York City. Source: AAA, January 2016


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U.S. News  

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bloomberg to Ration Gas in New York City external link

 “Michael Bloomberg announces the drastic action of rationing gas. Many Americans have unpleasant memories of similar rations in the 1970s.”

NBC News  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

'Couple more days' for fuel shortage, Bloomberg says; 'free gas' offer triggers rush external link

“The gasoline shortage in the New York City area should be over in "a couple more days," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Saturday, urging New Yorkers to be patient even as officials promised free gas only ...

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